Aerospace & Mechanical

Launching new products with innovative materials is enabled with sound design and optimal analysis capabilities. 

See a portfolio of work done for various mechanical & aerospace firms including:

  • Zodiac Aerospace
  • MSC.Software
  • Pharoah’s Lost Kingdom
  • Ellsworth Bikes

Composites, Metals, Glass, Carbon

Statics, Dynamics, Impact, Vibration

LS-Dyna, Nastran, Femap, C#, Java

Structural & Civil

We routinely save 10% in material costs on a build by calculating everything with our proprietary optimization methods and sizing appropriately – not just rounding up the last project’s details for the new worst case.

  • No ‘weak links’ – and no unnecessarily ‘supersized links’.
  • Over a thousand projects in the Inland Empire – including early green builds

SIP, ICF, Steel, CMU, Concrete, Glass

Seismic, Wind, Snow, Transportation,

Retaining Walls

 FEA Education

We can provide training and educational opportunities in Physics and Structural Analysis, including adaptation of FEA techniques to practical static and vibration codes.

  • FAA Seat Crash Simulations
  • Metal Replacement Techniques
  • Light-weighting Methods
  • Practical Structural Optimization

Linear Statics, Vibration Dynamics, Destructive Impact, Crack Propagation, Composite FRP & Sandwich Panels


Discover physical behavior with predictive physics models and design products for new price/performance targets.

Damping Drop Ring

Don’t let conventional styles restrict your creativity.

Unusual Structures 

Learn to use advanced tools connected to behavioral physics.

Topology Optimization


Education, Experience & Innovation

Lets see what we can do for your products and projects.




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Tyler Smithson, S.E., P.E.